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About the MSEMP

Resolving Disputes Collaboratively

The Michigan Special Education Mediation Program (MSEMP) provides mediation, facilitation, and training services for working through disagreements so that children with disabilities promptly receive the services they need to develop and succeed in school.

This web site is designed to help educators and parents learn about ways of resolving special education disputes in a collaborative fashion.

The federally-funded MSEMP is a Mandated Activities Project of the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Special Education. The program has been serving Michigan parents and schools since 1997. It is currently administered by Dispute Resolution Education Resources, Inc., a Lansing-based nonprofit organization. The program provides services through the Community Dispute Resolution Program, a network of 19 conflict resolution centers across the state. These pages will describe the mediation and facilitation processes and how they can help you avoid disputes or resolve them early.

Services can be obtained by contacting 833-KIDS1ST (833-543-7178) or by using request forms found on this site:

MSEMP Mediation/Facilitation Evaluation