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MSEMP Services

IDEA and the Michigan Department of Education encourage the use of collaborative dispute resolution practices. The MSEMP provide several options that can help you avoid disputes and resolve them early:


Mediation is a collaborative means of resolving disputes. When parents, educators or service providers disagree over a special education or early intervention matter, they can try to find a solution together with help from a neutral third party.

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Facilitation refers to the use of specialized skills to run a meeting in a fair, inclusive and organized fashion. It can be used in any IFSP or IEPT, or in a resolution session. A meeting leader may employ facilitation skills or a neutral third-party facilitator may be asked to do so.

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MSEMP workshops help parents and educators run productive IEP/IFSP meetings by enhancing collaborative communication and conflict resolution skills. Training can be tailored to individual groups. Many qualify for School Board and Social Work Continuing Education Credits (SB-CEU, SW-CE).

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