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Many disagreements can be avoided or resolved early by using skills that promote collaboration. These skills include active listen, framing issues in a neutral fashion, ā€œIā€ statements, and brainstorming.

The MSEMP offers workshops that teach these skills for use in IEP and other special education meetings. The workshops can be taken individually or as a series. They also can be tailored to fit the needs of specific school districts and parent groups.

The workshops in the series are:

  • Essential Skills for IEP Team Meetings
  • Collaboration in the IEP Process
  • Collaborative Leadership for IEP Team Meetings
  • Sustaining IEP Team Meeting Skills

The MSEMP also offers workshops on the following subjects:

  • Diversity Awareness & Nonverbal Communication
  • Transition: How to Plan, Implement & Succeed
  • Conflict Resolution in Special Education

To schedule a workshop, complete the online Training Services Request form.

For questions or concerns, please contact MSEMP.

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