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Video Transcript: MSEMP Workshops

Student outcomes improve when educators and parents engage in collaborative planning.

Successful collaboration builds on a variety of communication and problem solving skills.

If you or anyone you know are involved in planning educational services for students with disabilities you can acquire and enhance these skills through workshops offered by the MSEMP, the Michigan Special Education Mediation Program.

Planning for a student’s education is the responsibility of a team of adults, which includes parents and educators.

The MSEMP workshops help establish the foundation for creating an effective
program for the student.

Collaborative conflict resolution skills help resolve differences of opinion at the table so the planning process can continue.

Collaborative skills set the stage to exchange ideas and information.

Creating a safe environment is important for building the trust on which Individualized Education Program or IEP decisions are made.

Productive communication evolves from active listening, effective questioning and reserving judgment, all of which help strengthen relationships while addressing students’ educational needs. The purpose of this collaboration is to create an effective program to improve student outcomes.

The Michigan Department of Education, Office of Special Education (or OSE), funds the MSEMP and supports collaboration in planning. The OSE Problem Solving Process document states, “The most effective problem solving methods use direct, early, meaningful communication,” and “increase the likelihood that both parties will be satisfied with the final outcome”.

The MSEMP workshops are interactive. Learning together improves communication and problem solving.

Parents, teachers, principals, social workers, counselors, therapists, administrators and others important to the planning process are invited to participate in these workshops.

To learn more about and request a workshop, please call the MSEMP office at 517-485-2274 or visit

In addition to the IEP series, there are workshops that address: collaboration in transition planning, diversity awareness and conflict resolution.

The MSEMP statewide collaborative services, which include mediation and facilitation, are provided through a network of local Community Dispute Resolution Centers.

The MSEMP workshops can be customized and presented locally.

It is important that everyone works together throughout the student’s educational experience.

By working collaboratively and sharing information, ideas, and perspectives, parents and educators create durable relationships that support student achievement for years.